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For parties up to 10 persons we offer à la carte dinner in our Taveerne-restaurant.

Groups of 10 persons or more we kindly ask to make a choice of one of our four Burgundian Menus.

You can make a reservation from Tuesday to Sunday from 18.00 hours onwards (unless we have a Medieval Theme Night in the Taveerne, in that case unfortunately no à la carte dinner is possible).

Of course you can also come to our Taveerne without a reservation, however in that case we cannot guarantee you that we are able to accommodate you and your guests.

Leckertonghen Kaert


Chicken Wings Orange  €     6,00
Chrispy Chicken Wings (2pcs.)  
Mushroom Pie  €     7,50
Platter of Pate, Dried Ham and Sausage  €     7,50
Fried Black Pudding with Apple  €     8,00
Dutch Shrimp Salad  €     8,50
Lactouw Salad with Duck Breast  €     8,50
Lettuce Salad with Duck Breast  


Witches Soup  €     5,00
Creamy Mushroom Soup  €     5,25
Vegetable Soup with Meatballs  €     5,25


Crispy Fish nuggets with Remoulade Saus  €   15,00
Cod from the Oven with Lemon  €   16,00
Salmon Trout caught from the River  €   18,00


Pork Spareribs  €   14,00
Molshill  €   15,00
Many Kinds of Meat with sauce Vuerinhild  
Chicken Wings Orange (6 pcs.)  €   15,00
limburg sour Meat under a Pastry Lid  €   16,00
Meatloaf  €   16,00
Spicy minced Meat in Puff Pastry  

Neither Meat Nor Fish

Old Dutch Cheese Fondue (p.p.)  €   14,50
For 2 persons  
Stuffed Pepper with Vegetables  €   14,00
and Goat Cheese  
Vegetable Stew under a Pastry Lid  €   15,50


Syllabub  €     4,75
Whipped Cream, Whine and Raspberries  
Warm Apple Pie with Vanilla Sauce  €     5,75

All Main Courses are served with “Mols” bread, Thick cut Salad, Warm Vegetables and Jacket Potatoes

We offer a choice of 4 different Burgundian Menus

Taveerne menu                        € 25,50

Witches Soup
* * *
A variety of Meat: Chicken, Spicy Sausages, 
Leg of Rabbit and Pork-Chops served 
with a fresh Salad and Medieval Potatoes
* * *
* * *
Coffee or Tea with a sweet cinnamon Stick

Gaanderije menu                     € 30,50

Chicken salad in Puff Pastry
* * *
Creamy Mushroom Soup
* * *
A variety of Meat: Chicken, Meat-Stew, 
Pork-Chops and Spicy Sausages served 
with a fresh Salad and jacket Potatoes
* * *
* * *
Coffee or Tea with a sweet cinnamon Stick

Herberg menu                 € 35,50

Smoked Gammon, Pâté and Ham mousse in Puff Pastry
* * *
Vegetable Soup with Meatballs
* * *
A variety of Meat: Chicken, Meat-Stew,   
Leg of Lamb, Lightly smoked Ham served with a fresh Salad and Medieval Potatoes
* * *
Warm Apple-Pie with Vanilla sauce
* * *
Coffee or Tea with a sweet cinnamon Stick

Vissers Latijn                € 35,50

Plate with a variety of Smoked and    Pickled Fish       
* * *
Creamy Mushroom Soup    
* * *
A variety of Meat: Chicken, Meat-stew, Crispy Fish Nuggets and Salmon in Puff Pastry served with Medieval Potatoes and fresh Salad   
* * *
* * *
Coffee or Tea a sweet cinnamon stick

The Meat is served with accompanied sauces.We serve Traditional Medieval Bread with Herbal sauce with the starter as well as the main course.

For children up to 6 years we serve a Children’s menu for € 10.- and children up to 12 years a children’s Menu for € 12,- consisting of Soup, Chicken wings with fries, mayonnaise and applesauce, Syllabub.

It is also possible for the children to eat the same menu as yourself for 50% of the menu price.

Old Dutch Menu Supplements

Aperitif:a spicy Herbal Wine Hypocras or a Sweet Honey Wine Mede, per person   €    3,50
Tables decorated with Fresh Fruit and a variety of Nuts  
Small Dish (serves approx 8 persons)  €   18,00
Large Dish (serves approx 12 persons)  €   26,00
Cheese - and Meat Platter, per person  €     2,75
Plate with a variety of pickles and Smokes Fish, per person  €     4,25
Roasted ham, per person  €     3,25
Vegetables of the Season, per person  €     1,75
Old Dutch Likeur  €     3,75

Groups of 9 persons or less can also choose from our à la carte dishes, except fpr parties which attend a theme night.

We serve one Menu per party and the supplements are to be ordered for the whole party.